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Today’s post is for everyone who is planning to go on vacation and want to take their videography to the next level. These are pieces of equipment that come really handy when it’s time to vlog your adventures around the world. I often use them to make my own videos, so I decided to list a few items that I've found on the internet at a very good price. If you are on a budget and just starting to buy camera gear, this might be a useful post, so keep on reading.

Assuming that you already own your preferred camera body and lenses, first of all you are going to need a tripod to make your shots as steady and clean as possible. It’s important that your tripod is light and easy to manipulate as you get on the road. I’ve seen most travel vloggers use this kind of tripod all the time, due to its flexibility and easiness to stand on different surfaces.

You can buy this on Aliexpress for less than u$10 and depending on your country, the shipping could be free.

If you are willing to take it a step forward, you can also buy a handheld DSLR stabilizer. It also comes with and adaptor you can use to attach your phone instead. This will definitely improve your shots and make your videos look stunning. I’ve found a low price alternative that has great customer reviews on the site and you can get your hands on it for just u$19.

If you are taking your own travel pictures, surely you are going to need a bigger and more conventional tripod. I’ve found one for less than u$13 that has great reviews and has free shipping to most countries.

If you are going on a date night, you might want to capture the moment but in low light conditions your pictures or video quality could get compromised. This LED panel can get you so much better results than the incorporated camera flash, and it costs only u$13.

Now it’s time to talk about storage and batteries. Extra batteries are a must, since you just can’t run out of them in the middle of your trip and loose the chance to capture important moments. Just think about it! It would be a complete disaster if you’ve come so far to your dreamed destination just to get your camera uncharged. I usually bring with me two extra batteries and make sure to keep them charged overnight.

The ones that I’ve found are selling for a good price and in you can use them on all the CANON EOS 600d 700d and Rebel line.

The same goes to sd cards. Bringing along two or three memory cards with a minimum storage capacity of 32 gb you will be fine. Just make sure to do a little backup from time to time to your laptop or your portable hard drive. These can be a little bit pricey if you are getting the bigger ones, but I’ve found one which capacity is 160 gb and retails for a convenient price. Here I list both items and you can get them for u$12 and U$20 respectively.

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